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How do I get my own instance and how can I start?

Send a request to [email protected]. Our colleagues from Sales and Customer Solutions will support and set up an instance for you.

Please see for further information: Sign Up - Getting Started

Where do I get my token from and how long is the token valid?

  • A token is valid for 24 hours.
  • For best practice generate a new access token with each request using the refresh token.
  • For testing purpose the token validity can be extended. Please ask your Customer Solution contact person for support.

Is there any limit for my API requests?

There is a general limit of 200 API requests per second. If more requests are called, the response will be 429 - Too Many Requests.

How many plannings can I run?

There is a usage limitation of our service according to your license agreement. Please check out the description here.

I did not get a token or I got a 5xx http error code?

We highly recommend to implement a retry mechanism for all API calls and especially for

to avoid problems in case of a process returns a 5xx http status code at the first attempt.
This might happen in very rare cases. These errors can occur in the data transfer protocols or network infrastructure in the web. In most of the cases this can be resolved with a simple retry mechanism.